Welcome to the College of Engineering!  We'd like your transition to be as easy as possible for you, so we have created this INK (INFO you NEED to KNOW) guide to get you started.  After you are done reading this page, please browse through the links that are located in the left column to find out about other important information.

Information for All New Undergraduate Students: Undergraduate Student Information

  1. Register for Orientation with the Office of New Student Programs
  2. Read the Guide for First Year Undergraduate Students, written by Engineering students.
  3. Pick up your copy of the Engineering Council planner -- available on North Campus.

Information for All New Graduate Students: Graduate Student Information

  1. Go to the Registrar's Office to get your UMID card, either in the basement of Pierpont Commons on North Campus (B430 LL), or on Central Campus at Room 1207 LSA
  2. Activate your CAEN account. This will allow you to use the CAEN computer labs and workstations.
  3. Find the Graduate Chair and Graduate Coordinator for your department. Get to know these people--they can help you more than you can imagine.  Many departments provide graduate student handbooks.  See "Campus and Department Guides for Graduate Students" in the left column. 
  4. Visit Wolverine Access
    --Register for Classes
    --Change your address and personal information
  5. Read the Honor Code to become familiar with the academic practice in the College of Engineering.

Additional Information for International Students:

  1. Go to the International Center and check-in when you arrive here before you do anything else. Visit their website for more information.
  2. Check out the international student organizations. They are a great resource for helping to solve problems that are unique to the international student experience.
  3. Get a social security number.